So happy to finally share this with you all! This song has been done for a while and I’ve just been sitting on it. I wrote it two years ago from a place of darkness, shadowed by a deep sense of loneliness. I didn’t see the point of my existence. I didn’t feel needed, necessary, loved, or cared for. I suppose I was afraid of releasing this because I don’t think it’s a perfect song, and if it were to receive criticism, it would feel much deeper… but I see that perfection is not the point of music, and I’m ready to put this out, knowing that in fact, many of you feel just like me.

PHIE- Anybody Else Like Me (Music Video)

Halloween Night @ Dazzle!!!

Don’t have anything to do Halloween night? Or want to pre-game before a late night party? Come see me play at Dazzle, the best jazz club in Denver, right in the heart of downtown! Ironically, it’ll be a night of indie pop.

At 7pm, you’ll be seduced by the wonderful voice of Cassidy Bacon, singer and multi-instrumentalist in the band “The Whimsy of Things”. We’ll follow after her at 8pm.

Wear the best costume and win shit! Music ends at 9pm, so you’ll definitely be able to make it to that party, or go get wasted at other places! Hurray!

Buy tickets at


Hey y’all… we have FREE guest list spots for tomorrow’s show (July 18th) at Summit Moon Room. Doors are at 7, we play at 10. Line up: Alex Di Leo, Cody Lovaas, and Bed Weather. This is going to be such a great show. Just message me through email, facebook, or IG and I’ll put you on the list!

PHIE – The Oriental Theater!!!

YOU GUYS!!! Our BIGGEST show yet, is less than a month away at the The Oriental Theater (3/22)!! Please please PLEASE help us show the Oriental a good time and buy your pre-sales now! If you haven’t been to a show, this is THE show! For those of you who always come support me, we have some new exciting surprises for this one!! SOOOO excited to be sharing the lineup with A.J. Fullerton and opening for Paranoid Image. Message me for pre-sales or venmo $15 to cestlaphie with your name and the show date!!!!   Please come support us y’all!

Blackbird Blackbird – Get your pre-sales!

Super excited to be opening for Blackbird Blackbird at Your Mom’s House on 2/22 @ 7pm. Get your pre-sales now and save money at the door. Venmo $15 to cestlaphie and we’ll see you there!! As always, this is one of our favorite spots to play- with DMT-esque paintings everywhere, trippy lighting, and half priced drinks from 4pm-7. This is a show you don’t wanna miss!!