PHIE – Herman’s Hideaway

Playing Herman’s Hideaway this Saturday 9/22 @7pm. 21+ Tickets are $10

Lineup: PHIE, Nothing Lion, Core, Modular

Fun story… the last time I played Herman’s, it was one of my first shows ever. I was terrified of performing, my set didn’t go well, and I was feeling anxious. When I got off stage, a friend offered me a hit form her hash pen. I couldn’t tell how much I was inhaling and ended up taking a huuuuuuge hit. I think the anxiety/adrenaline/weed sent me into an immediate panic attack. I ran to the bathroom and ended up panicking/convulsing on the floor for three hours until the venue closed and my guitarist had to carry me out of the bathroom. WORST. SHOW. EVER. At least I know where bottom is?

That being said, I’m excited to play here again! A lot has changed since then, I hope.

See y’all Saturday. Whether it’s music or panic attacks…it’ll be entertaining.

Sophie to PHIE

Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce that I’m officially changing my artist name from ‘Sophie Wilson’ to ‘PHIE’. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while but with new music releasing soon (hint hint), it finally feels like the right time. You’ll see my social media accounts, websites, etc. slowly changing over the next couple weeks so bare with me!

I said it on IG but I wanted to say it here, too: I’m truly grateful for everyone who has supported me- whether it be downloading my music, coming to a show, sharing a post, handing a compliment, etc. Pursuing this career was the scariest shit I’ve ever done. I still have weekly existential breakdowns, asking myself ‘Am I doing this right?’…’Can I even write a song?’… ‘What if I never “make it”?’. The list goes on haha. But in truth, I never did this to “make it”, there’s no right way to go about it, and whether I’m good or not doesn’t change the fact that music is what I love and all I want to do.

To have people stand by me in this unpredictable and chaotic endeavor means so much. Thanks everyone! 

Sophie Wilson- Mercury Cafe

Hey everybody! My guitarist’s hand is near a full recovery. Happy to be back and playing September 11th for NEO NITE at the Mercury Cafe with Caleb and Jason. Music starts at 9pm. No cover but donations are encouraged! If you like organic food, cocktails with lavender, or toilets with sinks on top, you’re in for a fun night!

Hard Rock Cafe Show Canceled

Hey guys. Unfortunately my guitarist broke his hand in three places and just got out of surgery today. We’re going to reschedule our show at Hard Rock Cafe for some other time next month. Thank you to everyone who planned on coming! Send him your love and good wishes!!

Sophie Wilson – Hard Rock Cafe

We’re back playing at one of our favorite spots, the Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Denver! Come grab a drink and enjoy some free live music. My guitarist broke his hand at my birthday party last week… so at the very least come to be impressed by his cast strumming. If he can’t pull it off, booing tomatoes will be provided ;P See you there!

Date: August 17th, 2018

Time: 10pm-11:30pm

FREE ~ Kid Friendly

July Show Dates

Happy to announce some July show dates and that I’ll be playing in the Underground Music Showcase this year!!! Ahh!! I will have a separate blog post dedicated to UMS, as details are still to come.

In the meantime, I have three FREE shows, welcome to all ages, coming up in the next couple weeks.

  1. 7/11 8:30pm @ Roostercat Too. If you like roosters, cats, and music, come join me and Calamity Champs for some free entertainment.
  2. 7/13 10pm @ Hard Rock Cafe (Downtown Denver Location). This is the second time I’m going to play Hard Rock Cafe on Friday the 13th. Spooky ~(@_@)~
  3. 7/20 8pm @ Corner Beet Cafe (1401 N Ogden Street). Let’s drink some CBD tea.
  4. 7/27-7/29 UNDERGROUND MUSIC SHOWCASE!!!! Details to come but check out the lineup and ticket prices at

Sophie Wilson- Your Mom’s House

Playing at one of my favorite spots– Your Mom’s House!! (608 E 13th Ave). Tickets are $10.00  at the door but I have $5.00 pre-sales!! (Venmo sophiewilsonmusic with your name and $5.00 to be added to the guest list) Also performing: Altitude Travelers, Easy Lovin’, Fractalite, and Komozo. Show is 21+Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 1.12.40 PM