Indie artist based out of Denver, Colorado. I spend most of my time in the woods. I like the woods because, there, “I” does not exist. There is no whispering amongst the trees of “I’ the songwriter, the singer, “I” the lover, “I” the friend- or perhaps, enemy. No. there is no prattle between wildflowers, no compliments for my blue dress or long hair, for my youth and bright smile, nor judgement for the seeming imperfections. It is here I learn to love myself, the real self, the deeper and unexplainable part of me buried somewhere beneath my skin. It is not the things I do, nor the things I’ve done. It is not my body; it is not my mind. It is the light in my chest, the fire in my spirit, the inner wildflower that is rooted to the earth, that opens and closes for the sun, that collects dewdrops in the morning, who’s existence is radiant and pure, quiet and still. “I” forget that growing, blooming, and dying does not require my hand, that I can decorate my nature in ideas, judgements, titles, or blue dresses, but that inevitably, a wildflower seed becomes a wildflower.

And this is what I’ve learned to love, the inevitable part of myself.