I’m currently 22 years old and native to Colorado. I attended an arts intensive high school where I majored in creative writing. I had my small group of friends but felt pretty detached and unpopular (probably like most kids). The only thing I really felt connected to were my teachers and my writing- specifically, songwriting. At the time, I never thought of pursuing music as a career. I’d always been a rule-follower and thought the only option was to finish high school, graduate from some prestigious college, and slave away at a job I didn’t like. However, my first year of college failed miserably, sinking into the clutches of an eating disorder. When it got to the point that I couldn’t finish school because of my health, I decided I might as well give music a shot, despite how unpredictable and intimidating the path had seemed. I wanted something to live for. I wanted to be happy. So I turned to singing/songwriting once again. It’s like I’ve reverted back to a childlike state – relearning my body, my mind, my limits… with a desire to create, play, observe, explore, love. I want to live presently, fearlessly- recklessly. These new experiences, challenging everything I’ve been taught to believe as “dangerous” and “evil”, are the inspirations for my EP. Special thanks to Alan, Ted & Tess, Side3, Justin &Kelly, Jack & Sigel, Moss Kaplan, Alf from 93.3, DSA, and to all of you.