Hey, Stranger! It’s me, Sophie. What do you want to know?

I’m currently 20 years old and moved to Colorado when I was three. I attended an arts intensive high school where I majored in creative writing. I had my small group of friends but felt pretty detached and unpopular. The only thing I ever really felt connected to were my teachers and my writing– specifically, songwriting. At the time, I never thought of pursuing music as a career. I sure as hell didn’t have that kind of confidence in my self, my artistic ability, or my performance. I thought I was destined to finish high school, attend some prestigious college, and graduate with a soul-sucking degree, only to find an equally soul-sucking job that I would work at until retirement. However, once my first year of college failed miserably– sinking into the clutches of depression, an eating disorder, and complete self-loathing, I dropped out and turned to singing/songwriting once again. Everyday I feel grateful for the traumas I’ve endured, the battles I’ve overcome, and the wars I’m still fighting as they’ve all led me to this moment. And in this moment I’ve never been happier– chasing my dreams and reminding myself to always follow my bliss, fearlessly so.