I’m no good at these…

I’m currently 21 years old and native to Colorado. I attended an arts intensive high school where I majored in creative writing. I had my small group of friends but felt pretty detached and unpopular (probably like most kids). The only thing I ever really felt connected to were my teachers and my writing- specifically, songwriting. At the time, I never thought of pursuing music as a career. I sure as hell didn’t have that kind of confidence in my self, my artistic ability, or my performance (sometimes I still don’t- but I think that’s natural). I’d always been a rule-follower and thought I was destined to finish high school, graduate from some prestigious college, and slave away at a soul-sucking job until retirement where I could finally have money and “be happy”. Instead my first year of college failed miserably, sinking into the clutches of depression, an eating disorder, and toxic relationships. I blamed a lot of things and a lot of people for knocking me down to such a low place and it took a while to realize that line of thinking was enabling my self-destruction. No matter who was at fault, I was still the only person who could pick myself back up.

So… I dropped out of school and turned to singing/songwriting once again. It’s like I’ve reverted back to a childlike state – relearning my body, my mind, my limits… with a desire to create, play, observe, explore, love. I want to live presently, fearlessly- recklessly. These new experiences, challenging everything I’ve been taught to believe as “dangerous” and “evil”, are the inspirations for my EP and I’m so grateful for all of your support and kindness ❤

Thank you.