PHIE – Herman’s Hideaway

Playing Herman’s Hideaway this Saturday 9/22 @7pm. 21+ Tickets are $10

Lineup: PHIE, Nothing Lion, Core, Modular

Fun story… the last time I played Herman’s, it was one of my first shows ever. I was terrified of performing, my set didn’t go well, and I was feeling anxious. When I got off stage, a friend offered me a hit form her hash pen. I couldn’t tell how much I was inhaling and ended up taking a huuuuuuge hit. I think the anxiety/adrenaline/weed sent me into an immediate panic attack. I ran to the bathroom and ended up panicking/convulsing on the floor for three hours until the venue closed and my guitarist had to carry me out of the bathroom. WORST. SHOW. EVER. At least I know where bottom is?

That being said, I’m excited to play here again! A lot has changed since then, I hope.

See y’all Saturday. Whether it’s music or panic attacks…it’ll be entertaining.

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