A Few Tickets Left – SOLD OUT SHOW

Guysss!!!! Sometimes being a musician is hard. Every now and then you get a good crowd… and other times your only audience member is your mom (shout out to my mom!). That’s why I’m SO excited and grateful to open for Chewy&Bach, KR3TURE, Deezy Le Phunk & The PhunStars, and Jibbles & Bitz.  You’re gonna get down to some pop (that’s me), some funk, and some electronic music. Some of these bands are killing it out in LA so if you haven’t been to a show yet (or if you’ve said your coming to some shows and now feel guilty that you lied every single time) COME TO THIS ONE!!!!! Pre-sales are 5 DOLLARS FOR THIS WEEK ONLY. Venmo @cestlaphie with your full name (if you’re bringing some friends but don’t quite know who you can put ‘Jane Doe +2’ ‘Jane Doe +5’ etc.) and I’ll put y’all on the list of pre-paid tickets. Can’t wait!!!!!!


Location: Your Mom’s House (13th and Pearl in Capitol Hill)

Date&Time: November 17th @7:30pm (I go up at 8pm)

Tickets: Pre-sales $5 for this week only



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