My New Single is RELEASED- Rage

My newest single, Rage, is officially released!! The past year, I’ve been songwriting in a more professional setting, trying to write songs for other artists, and was feeling like my artistry was being compromised for what’s sellable. I decided to take a step back and do my own thing again, which meant leaving a lot of songs behind. A year’s worth of music didn’t get to be released. I then started writing a song about how a storm can’t be controlled because it rages- a metaphor for how the industry can’t control creativity because it flows. Slowly, the song morphed into a love song. I realized I had much more energy for the people who believe in what I’m doing 100% and accept me for me. That being said, I’m SOOOO happy I can finally share something with you guys!

If you like it, please go vote for me in 93.3’s Hometown for the Holidays competition when polls open on December 7th (more details to come).

PHIE – Rage (Lyric Video)

Free Bandcamp Download

iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud

*Available in all online stores*

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