Game Over is on 93.3 radio!!

So excited to announce the release of Game Over! Thank you to everyone who brought this song to life. I hope y’all like this one!

Lyric video:

Spotify link:

Even more exciting, Game Over has made it to the top 10 in KTCL 93.3 radio’s Hometown for the Holidays competition. KTCL’s 93.3 radio is the top most listened to modern alternative rock station in the US, and hosts an annual competition for small Colorado artists like me. The top 10 artists will play in regular rotation on 93.3 radio from December 9th-December 16th. Listeners can take the Hometown for the Holidays music survey and vote for their favorite song. Unfortunately this year, new accounts will not be able to vote, so if you happen to already be a music nerd, you can take the survey here:!/login

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